Mystery Stone” is a Set Apart Mountain Productions documentary film that features upcoming director and etymologist Dr. David Ben Yisrael as he translates a stone in the New Mexican desert that is mostly inscribed in an ancient version of Phoenician/Paleo-Hebrew (along with some Samaritan and Greek influences).  He also interviews experts in other fields of study like genetics and cultural anthropology to discuss a wide range of theories (and recently discovered evidence) regarding other Pre-Columbian migrations to the “New World”. 

This documentary explores the possibilities of pre-columbian migration to the Americas by analyzing a number of areas in science and anthropology, including physical evidence discovered in both hemispheres, historical records, technologies available to different cultures, and DNA.


About 16 miles outside of a small town called Los Lunas at the base of what locals call Hidden Mountain (Montaña oculto), a stone with strange writings was discovered in 1933 (although local oral traditions go well beyond that).  This multi-ton boulder has a version of the 10 Commandments engraved into stone in an ancient version of Paleo-Hebrew, a writing style that fell out of favor in the 5th Century BC and was almost completely extinct by the 1st Century.  This stone has been the subject of much controversy and has led to a number of theories by archeologists, semitic experts, geologists, and cultural anthropologists regarding actual timeframe.  


In this documentary, we will address the style of punctuation, grammar, and cultural influences evident in the stone itself en route to forming a hypothesis regarding the origins of the stone and the people that carved its inscription.  In addition, we will also address evidence of pre-columbian migration found in other parts of the world.  Interviews will include prominent geneticists, cultural anthropologists, authors, semitic experts, and historians.  This documentary will also touch on the topic of “academic freedom” as alternative views of history have cost many individuals to lose their careers.


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